You’ve had your metal roof for about a decade now, and overall, you’ve been pleased with how well it performs, but recently you’ve noticed a leak, and you’re concerned about the possibility of a total roof replacement. A teardown and replacement can be extremely costly, but you’re unsure what else to do about the leak and want to address it before it worsens.

Thankfully, the experts at Silver Creek Roofing are experts in metal roofing, and they’ve saved building owners like you thousands of dollars over the years with their metal roof coatings. There’s a significant cost difference between a total replacement and coating a metal roof to extend its life. When you have a leak or other issue with your roof giving you some concern, trust our experts for the best repairs in the Nashville, Tennessee, area.

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Coating a Metal Roof Can Save You Time and Money

Roofing can be one of those “out of sight, out of mind” things, and because of that, some people don’t think about their roof until there’s an issue. Dripping ceilings or structural damage because of water leaking in between cracks in the roof are sometimes the first signs that your building or home needs a roof repair if you aren’t having it inspected regularly. Dealing with any roof issues while they are still manageable is crucial for the structural integrity of your roofing system.

How Does Coating a Metal Roof Save You Money?

Roof teardowns and replacements can be both costly and time-consuming. Depending on the types of metal roof issues you need to be fixed, a roof coating system may be a good option for you. Coating an existing roof takes much less time, sometimes as little as a few days, before your roof is restored to its former state and performing as well as possible. This option can also save you money in several ways:

  • Cheaper than Replacement—Newly installed metal roofing can be pricey, depending on the market. Coating a metal roof is much cheaper than replacing it, from the cost of the materials alone. Having any issues fixed with a coating can be more effective than an entire teardown and replacement.
  • Lower Energy Bills—A roof coating can help with energy efficiency. It will keep your roof cooler in the summer, thus decreasing the home’s temperature and reducing how much money you spend to keep the house cool inside.
  • Saves Your Property from Water Damage— Water damage can cause many issues for your building and your property inside. Keeping your family safe and comfortable is your number one priority, and having your metal roof cared for regularly can help ensure you can do just that. A waterproof sealant for your metal roof seals and protects your system to help keep your home dry for years to come.

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Has Your Structure Already Had A Metal Roof Sealer Applied Previously?

Even if your metal roof has previously had a coating treatment, it may still make more sense to have the coating reapplied than to have your roof torn off. Reapplication can be helpful if you coated your roof previously or noticed that the layer had somehow compromised. Over time, your roof coating will become less efficient because of age and wearing down from different types of weather year-round.

If you have a metal roof that you’ve previously had coated, contact us to schedule a free inspection, and we will determine if your roof is eligible for re-coating.

What Are the Drawbacks of Coating a Metal Roof?

You may be excited at the prospect of a metal roof sealer treatment, but you should know there are some drawbacks to consider. A roof coating system is only suitable for roofing systems without structural damage. Coatings cannot help address structural damage. Your roof may appear structurally sound, but you could apply the coating only to have your roof collapse a few months later.

Roof coatings also require specific weather for installation. The ideal weather for coating a metal roof is dry, warm, and mild. An environment that is too hot or too cold can affect the integrity of the coating or cause it to adhere improperly. If either of these things occurs, the coating will not perform as expected.

These points are why it’s essential to have the metal roof experts at Silver Creek Roofing inspect your structure and determine what is best for it overall.

Choose Silver Creek Roofing When Coating a Metal Roof

All types of metal roofs require expert attention to ensure they are getting the rubberized coating they need, and you can rely on the experts at Silver Creek Roofing to restore your roof to its peak condition. We have been a trusted leader in roofing repairs, replacements, and restorations for all kinds of residential and commercial buildings. If the benefits of coating a metal roof seem like something you would like to talk about, please do not hesitate to contact us and schedule a free on-site inspection.

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