No commercial building owner or manager wants to hear a commercial roofing contractor suggest it’s time to replace their metal roof. If you have recently received this news, you may have other roofing options—like metal roof restoration.

However, you’re probably wondering what kinds of metal roof problems led to this assessment. Did you notice any of the biggest common problems with metal roofing that lead to a replacement diagnosis?

Read on to find out some of the things that professional commercial roofing contractors like us here at Silver Creek Commercial Roofing look for when we inspect the health of your commercial metal roof.

1.      Your Metal Roof Leaks

A leaking metal roof is a big problem—probably the biggest problem. Small leaks into your building can quickly become roofing emergencies because the situation on the roof is usually quite bad by the time water begins trickling in. Leaking seams are the most common reason for metal roof leaks, and the reasons your seams are leaking can be complicated.

But that’s not all. A leaking metal roof can lead to huge headaches inside your building, too.

  • Water infiltration can cause mold to develop in your building or costly structural damage to your roof deck, walls, and more.
  • Metal roofing is often installed on warehouses and distribution centers, and a leaking roof can also destroy your valuable stored inventory.

No matter what is causing the leak, you need to fix it right away to prolong your metal commercial roof’s life. We provide free on-site roofing inspections to help uncover problems and determine your best course of action.

2.      Your Metal Roof Has a Lot of Rust

Rust and corrosion are common problems for metal roofing that has been in place for a long time. The key is to mitigate rust before it leads to holes in the metal material, resulting in leaks.

The good news is that metal roof coatings are an excellent way to solve all of your rust and corrosion problems all at once. And this restoration option is often more affordable than you’ve ever imagined.

Replacing your commercial metal roofing is time-consuming and expensive. And, in many cases, it’s just not necessary—especially when there are quality metal roofing restoration products available from trustworthy professional roofing contractors like us.

3.      Your Metal Roof Has Failed Fasteners

Seamless roof protection and well-connected roofing panels rely on fasteners—specialized nails or screws—to keep everything in place. Properly installed fasteners last longer and keep your commercial building protected.

That doesn’t mean your roof’s fasteners won’t be bent or damaged over time—because that will happen. Even on standing seam metal roofing in which fasteners are not exposed to the elements, they can sometimes fail. Water will find its way into your building around damaged fasteners or through the empty spaces where fasteners can sometimes go missing.

4.      Your Metal Roof Has Damaged/Loose Panels or Missing Flashing

While improper installation is always a possible cause of shifting metal roof panels, strong winds or falling debris from storms can damage your metal roof or pull flashing off. Have you recently experienced severe weather in your local area? It’s not a bad idea to have your roof inspected for missing or damaged material—even if you’re not noticing water infiltration inside your building today.

Why Roof Flashing is Important

Flashing is a critical protective component used to prevent water from entering your building. Since flashing is installed in some of the most vulnerable areas of your roof, any damage or loss of flashing can create expensive problems. And the tricky thing about damage to flashing is that it may not be obvious without getting up on your roof and having a closer look.

If you suspect your commercial roof has storm damage that you can’t easily access, get in touch with us here at SCC Roofing for a no-cost inspection.

5.      Your Metal Roof is Just Plain Old

While advanced age doesn’t mean your metal roof automatically requires repair or restoration, after about 10+ years, you’ll want to schedule regular, twice-yearly roof inspections, especially if that’s not something you previously kept up with.

Standing seam metal roofing can last much longer (if properly installed) than the more common metal roofing with exposed fasteners. Unfortunately, aging metal roof material of any type needs regular inspections because any of the previous four problems we’ve covered here are more likely to appear at any time on a decades-old metal roof.

Bonus Metal Roof Issue: Oil Canning—Does It Require Repair?

If you’ve had a metal roofing system for some time, you’re likely familiar with the term “oil canning,” which is when metal roofing panels appear wavy. Oil canning can develop for many different reasons, and it can be challenging to pin down the root cause in some cases. Additionally, because this wavy look can be an inherent characteristic of light-gauge, cold-rolled flat metal products, it may be unavoidable—and not really a problem at all.

So, in short, the answer to the question of whether oil canning requires repair is typically no. However, you should have it checked out. Oil canning is generally just a cosmetic issue, but it could signal improper roof installation, leading to much bigger problems down the road.

In fact, your metal roof is only as good as its installation. Without proper installation, you risk premature failure of many aspects of your commercial roof, from metal panels shifting with normal expansion and contraction to roof deck damage and more.

When in doubt, it’s never a bad idea to call a trusted professional commercial roofing contractor for an inspection. We can safely inspect any visibly distorted sections of your metal roofing without risking damage to your metal roof, and we will give you our honest assessment of your options to address any problems we find.

Does Your Commercial Building Need Metal Roof Repair or Restoration?

At SCC Roofing, we pride ourselves on being the commercial roofing company you can trust, and it’s why we offer commercial building owners and managers a no-cost on-site metal roof inspection. We will evaluate your metal roofing’s status and determine if you need repairs or restoration, all while keeping your budget top of mind.

Our metal roof restoration services help stop leaks, reduce energy bills, and add superior protection for all weather climates. We’ve partnered with Conklin Roofing Systems, a leader in the roofing industry since 1977, to bring you the most reliable, cost-effective roof coatings available.

Ready to learn more or have a commercial roof made from another common material other than metal? We ready to help. If you’ve been searching for a reliable and professional commercial roofer throughout Kentucky and the Nashville, TN area, get in touch with us to schedule your free on-site roof inspection.