Once you become a homeowner, there may be a learning curve to understanding how to care for your home correctly. Unfortunately, this may mean some things get left behind, and often the roof is one of the first things homeowners tend to neglect. This neglect comes from the fact that you do not think about your roof as often as you think about the other, more visible parts of your home.

However, roofing issues can quickly escalate if you do not address them. Getting yourself on a residential roofing maintenance schedule can help prevent problems, saving you from a costly roof tear-off and replacement.

At Silver Creek Roofing, we want to stress the importance of keeping your roof in good shape year-round to protect your family and home from the wrath of the elements. To prevent major issues, you should be examining your roof a few times a year and performing routine roof maintenance tasks. Below you will find that we’ve compiled a list of a few things you can do to keep up with your roof in between professional inspections.

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1. Clean Your Gutters

It’s easy to slack on cleaning your gutters, but you may be surprised to learn that dirty gutters can harm your roof’s integrity. When gutters are clean, water flows freely from the roof to the gutters and is carried away through the drainpipe. Clogged gutters may cause water backup or poor drainage, which forces the water back into the roofing system and wears it down over time.

Poor drainage is even more dangerous in the winter when water backup combined with freezing temperatures can create ice dams that penetrate the layers of your roof and create even more damage. Over time, the water will thaw and then refreeze, causing further damage, and before you know it, you need a roof replacement.

2. Remove Moss or Mold

If you notice moss or mold during your roofing inspection, you might remove it and then move on with your roof maintenance. However, moss or mold may indicate a deeper problem because they tend to form when your roof is trapping water, which happens when shingles are loose, or there are areas of pooling water.

You may choose to remove the mold or moss yourself but remember to watch that area. If you discover that the moss or mold returns after removing it, you may need to have a professional come out and clean your roof and treat the source of the problem.

3. Check for Visible Damage and Address Problem Areas

As you scan your roof, be careful to note any visible damage. Even if it appears minor, that damage will worsen until fixed. Based on how they are shaped, some parts of your roof may be more likely to incur damage than other parts.

For example, you may notice that chimneys, skylights, or other protruding features on the top of your building have flashing that cracks or crumbles more easily. Keep an eye on these spots. Other common issues you may encounter include broken shingles, areas of the roof lifting, or punctures in the roofing system.

Residential roofing maintenance is crucial for keeping your home safe and sound for residential roofing. Remember to check your roof after each season in preparation for the next and after any significant weather events that may have caused roof damage. If you feel uncomfortable making minor repairs yourself, don’t hesitate to call the professionals at Silver Creek Roofing for help! There is no job we won’t tackle when it comes to roofing.

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A photo of gutters on a home that are clogged with leaves and other debris.4. Remove Low Hanging Branches

Not only do branches have the potential to fall off and cause damage during windstorms or heavy rains, but their leaves and branches can drop on your home and clog your gutters or puncture your roof. Wet leaves can also stick to the roof and create other problems, like water retention or encouraging lichen algae, moss, or mold to grow there. Removing debris regularly on top of your regular roof maintenance tasks can help your roof stay dry and discourage water damage.

5. Get A Professional Opinion

And of course, the best thing you can do to maintain your roof and ensure it’s performing at its peak is to have professionals inspect it at least once a year or after severe weather events. We would love to help you with your residential roofing maintenance at Silver Creek Roofing.

If we discover damage, we will determine if your roof needs repair or replacement and can help walk you through either scenario. Our roofing experts have dealt with all kinds of roofing damage, and we are certified and licensed to inspect and repair your residential roofing issues.

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While it is essential to perform regular residential roofing maintenance yourself, having the professionals at Silver Creek Roofing inspect your roof regularly is an excellent way to keep your roof in its best shape. Professionals undergo training to identify issues you may miss, even if you regularly inspect your own roof and clean it of debris!

If you need an inspection or have recently discovered a significant issue in your roofing system, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our professional residential roofers are ready to fix any roofing problem you might have.

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