Quality roofing systems are essential to your home’s longevity, and it can be highly frustrating when your roof starts to show signs of wear and tear. As a homeowner, you need to care for your roof because it acts as a barrier between the elements. Caring for your roof means finding an excellent residential roofer to work on it before a serious problem develops, especially at the first signs of damage.

But how do you find a reliable residential roofer when a Google search shows up with dozens of results of potentially good—and bad—ones? At Silver Creek Roofing, we have a few suggestions on how you can find the very best residential roofer for your needs.

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Ask Your Community for Recommendations

If you’ve got a family member who recently had roofing work done, or you watched a neighbor’s home undergo roofing renovations, ask them who they used for their roofing work. See if they recommend the roofers they used and talk about any problems during the job. Get details about how the roofers resolved the issues and ask if they are likely to use the same roofers if other issues arise or for future inspections and repairs.

Work With a Local Contractor

Asking your community for help means it is more likely that you will work with a local contractor. Using someone local is vital because the roofer will be more familiar with your climate and what roofing types work best in your area. They will also be more knowledgeable about building codes and other requirements for repairs or upgrades.

Ask Your Roofer Questions

Roofs are an essential part of the home! A reliable roofer is willing to answer questions and provide evidence of their work. When you choose a roofer for your repair or upgrade project, you are entrusting your belongings, home’s integrity, and the protection of your family to them. Because you want to invest in a roof update that will last for years to come and provide the security and safety your family deserves, you will want to ask a potential roofer the following questions.

Are They Experienced?

Roofing isn’t a one-size-fits-all job. If you want quality roofing, you need to work with a contractor who has experience working with your type of roofing. There are several roofing systems available, and some contractors have more experience with certain styles than others.

There’s nothing wrong with that, but you just need the right roofer for your home! Talk to potential contractors about their strengths and determine if they are the best fit for you.

Do They Have Customer Reviews or Feedback You Can Look Through?

Reviews, both good and bad, are evidence of how the roofers handled jobs in the past. Reading reviews helps you understand what the roofing company’s customer service was like while working with their clients. You’ll want to work with a contractor that has reviews on file so you can see how their previous customers responded to their work.

Two roofers install shingles on a roof

What Will They Do If a Problem Comes Up?

Not every job can go 100% smoothly all the time, so your roofers must have a contingency plan. When something comes up, like a supply shortage, or an unexpected problem area in your roof, your roofers should be able to give you an idea of what will happen in that case. And, as an aside, remember to budget for any potential problems when you plan for your roofing costs, too!

What Type of Warranty Do They Offer?

A reliable, high-quality roofing contractor will offer a warranty on their work. Every roofer has different terms, but it is crucial to have a guarantee to prove that they stand behind their work. Be wary of contractors without warranties, as they are not responsible for their work if something happens after installing the roofing system.

How Much Payment Is Expected Up Front?

No matter what type of roofing job you have done, expect that you will need to place a down payment on the work. A reliable roofer will provide you with an estimate and ask for up to half of that amount for a down payment. If they ask for the total cost of the work before the job has started, that can be a red flag.

What Is Their Cleanup Policy?

Roofing can sometimes be associated with messes left behind. You want to talk to your contractor before the job starts to determine their cleaning policy and if they do waste disposal. A quality roofer will have a cleanup policy in place, so you won’t have any work to do after the job is over.

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Make Sure the Roofer is Trustworthy

Just because a roofing company has previous clients and a friendly website doesn’t mean they are a trustworthy, high-quality roofer. Websites like the Better Business Bureau can help you decide if you are choosing a reliable roofer or not. You want a roofer who is licensed, bonded, and has insurance, which typically reliable roofers have.

The quality of their work is essential to consider when choosing a roofer, not necessarily the years of experience. A roofing company that’s been around for 20 years isn’t necessarily the better choice than one with fewer years of experience.

Get Quotes from Various Roofers

Even if you think you’ve found the right roofer for the job, ask around and get quotes from some other roofers as well. When comparing quotes, focus on the quality and type of work they will be doing, not the cost of the work.

Remember that a reliable roofer with excellent references might have a higher cost, but they are the experts in their field, and their work will speak for itself. On the other hand, choosing a roofer with lower prices might cost more due to poor quality and sooner repairs.

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