The chances are good that you’re here because you’re concerned with the integrity and reliability of your current commercial roofing contractor. After all, a good commercial roofing company doesn’t make you question the quality of service you’re receiving.

With over 10 years of repairing and restoring commercial roofs, Silver Creek Commercial Roofing knows when a previous commercial roofing company didn’t measure up. So, we thought we’d share nine characteristics of a good roofing contractor. If you find your current company isn’t meeting these criteria, call us for a free on-site roof inspection to see the difference a good roofing contractor can make.

1. Your Roofing Contractor is Local

A local roofing contractor makes all the difference in the world. Not only does it strengthen your local economy when you choose to work with local businesses, but you’ll also get faster response times when there’s a roof issue. Plus, you won’t be just another customer in a long list stored somewhere on a corporation’s database. Instead, you’ll be treated to friendly, personalized service from a local commercial roofing business.

For example, at SCC Roofing, our valued customers throughout Kentucky and Nashville, Clarksville, and Franklin, Tennessee, are treated to a single point of contact throughout the roofing project. Our owner and certified roofing contractor, Seth Keehn, is in contact with the foreman on every job. This personalized service is one of the many characteristics that set SCC Roofing apart from national commercial roofing contractors.

2. Their Work is Backed by a Warranty or Guarantee

No matter what type of roof your commercial building has, maintaining and caring for it can be a significant financial investment. You want your roofing installation or restoration backed by a warranty or guarantee. This promise ensures you feel confident that you are getting the best service from your roofing service provider.

SCC Roofing backs up its work with a guaranteed process and only uses products from Conklin Roofing Systems. With up to an 18-year non-prorated warranty on metal roofs, you can feel secure knowing you have a high-quality roof.

3. The Roofing Techs Are Certified

Industrial roofing is not a job for amateurs. It requires a specific set of knowledge, skills, and training to install and repair commercial roofs. If your current roofing contractor doesn’t have the experience to handle your roofing system, it may be time to look for another. All of the roofing techs at SCC Roofing are warranty-certified installers with in-depth knowledge of multiple types of roofing systems.

4. A Licensed and Insured Company

While not every state requires a license for roofing contractors, if your state does require it, make sure your commercial roofer has one, and it’s up to date. Kentucky does not require a state license, but Tennessee does if the project is worth more than $25,000. You’ll also want to ensure there are no violations of their license. Service providers for commercial roofs should also provide proof of general liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance before starting on your roof repair.

Rest assured that when you work with Silver Creek Commercial Roofing, they are fully insured in the state of Tennessee with no previous claims or faults!

5. Reasonable Payment Arrangements

A huge red flag that your commercial roofing contractor isn’t the best is if they require total payment upfront. While requesting a deposit or a certain percentage of the total isn’t unreasonable, if a company wants you to pay the entire amount before they start work, it may mean they are unscrupulous. Be cautious before handing over a large check before the work even begins.

6. Your Commercial Roof Doesn’t Leak

After a good roofing contractor finishes your commercial roof repair and restoration, you shouldn’t experience problems with leaks in your roof. Unless a significant storm came by hours after the roofing installers left and damaged your building, a quality roofing company ensures seams, membranes, and cracks are properly sealed to stop leaks.

7. Are They Experienced in Your Roofing System?

Does your current contractor have experience in your particular roofing system? Whether you have a metal roof, EPDM rubber roof, built-up roof, or any other roofing system, your contractor needs to have experience in your type of roof system. Each type requires a targeted approach, and a good roofing contractor needs to know the problem areas with each to ensure they are resolved and your roof can do its job correctly.

8. Your Commercial Roofing Contractor is Friendly and Helpful

If there’s anything more frustrating than a leaky roof after it’s just been repaired, it’s when the roofing contractor doesn’t seem interested in helping. If you find it challenging to work with your roofing company because their staff or technicians are rude, unresponsive, and unwilling to help, it’s probably time to find a new one. They should respond promptly to your questions and concerns.

9. The Technicians Clean Up After Themselves

A professional and trustworthy roofing contractor will always clean up after the job is done. They should not leave any debris on the roof, not only because it’s untidy but because excess debris can damage your newly repaired roof. They should bring their own containers to dispose of trash and other waste.

Concerned About Your Current Roofing Company? Schedule A Free On-Site Roof Inspection Today!

After reading this blog post, if you are questioning the dependability and service of your current commercial roofing contractor, then it’s time to give Silver Creek Commercial Roofing a call. Our certified, friendly staff will visit your site and inspect your roof at no charge. We’ll give you a free quote and then get the job done right, so you no longer have to worry about losing money from water-damaged items due to your leaky roof.

Schedule your FREE on-site inspection today and begin a business relationship with a certified commercial roofing contractor that is reliable, experienced, and cares about your business!