No one likes a leaky roof, especially not when it compromises the integrity of the building or damages property inside. Commercial roof leaks are a challenge for both the building owner and the people inside the building. Aside from safety concerns, there’s also the issue of keeping the people and things inside the building dry. There are many reasons why a roof may leak, but the good news is that there are also many ways to prevent this issue.

There’s no leaking roof problem we can’t fix at Silver Creek Roofing, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to prevent them! Your roof is a powerful tool in keeping your building safe, secure, and dry against the forces of nature.

While roof leaks may start as a minor nuisance, they can quickly worsen and escalate to water damage that requires more extensive repairs. If you take the time to prevent leaks from happening, you can save yourself from the headaches associated with water damage.

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1. Keep the Roof Clean and Ensure Proper Drainage

Because most commercial roofs are flat, debris tends to settle on them much more frequently than a sloped roof—the standard type for residential roofing. Branches, leaves, or gravel are common debris you will find on roofs, and they can damage roof membranes with their sharp points. They can also retain water and encourage moss, mold, or algae growth. If you let debris accumulate, it can clog drains or puncture the roofing, creating an opening for water to get in, and causing damage over time.

Again, because commercial roofs are flat, they need good drainage to discourage standing water. Standing water can be a breeding ground for some pests, which may cause infestation. Water is also infamous because it can deteriorate or damage commercial roofing materials like metal over time, or with repeated exposure. Also, if there is enough standing water, the roof could collapse. It is best to ensure your roof can drain properly to minimize the risk of standing water.

2. Address the Roof After Weather Events

Your roof is your first line of defense against weather events, and because of this, it is often the first thing that suffers when such an event occurs. After high winds, a severe rainstorm, or snow, you should always call the professionals to address the roof. Do not go out onto the roof yourself if you need snow removal or notice a leak because this can be dangerous and cause bodily harm or serious injury.

If your roof is sound and regularly maintained, you may feel comfortable checking for damage once the weather has cleared up. Conduct a visual inspection as well as you can from a ladder and call the professionals if you notice something looks serious. Do not try to walk on the roof if you feel unsure of the structure’s safety.

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3. Check for Cracks, Dents, Holes, or Other Visible Damage

You should limit your roof access to avoid causing damage or worsening existing damage. However, you should still occasionally check on your roof to check for any visible damage, like cracks or holes, in between your regular roof inspections. Damage can also include tears in the roofing or areas with standing water. You may also notice blisters or bubbling in the roofing material, and those will also need attention.

If you see signs of roof leaks from inside the building, it is already too late for preventative measures, and you should not go onto the roof yourself. With a leak, there is a possibility that water damage has made the roof unsafe. You would not want to injure yourself falling through the roof—mainly because such falls can kill or seriously injure you.

4. Keep Up with Regular Maintenance

The absolute best thing to prevent commercial roof leaks is to keep your roof on a proper maintenance schedule. Have the roof inspected once a year to ensure everything is in working order, in conjunction with your regular walks around to keep an eye on it. When a professional roofing contractor performs the inspection, they can identify issues you may have missed on your walkthroughs. You might not be able to recognize signs of age-related wear or structurally soft roofing materials, but a professional will.

Get in touch with Silver Creek Roofing to get your commercial building on an inspection schedule to maintain your roof and perform optimally for longer. We can help you determine how often you should have roofing inspections, and we can also come out and service your roof after weather events or if you notice signs of damage.

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What Do I Do If I Notice a Roof Leak?

Even the best preventative measures are not 100% foolproof. Sometimes leaks happen, and when you notice one, it is best to call the roofing experts to deal with it as quickly as possible, so it doesn’t worsen. Leaks can soon escalate and damage other parts of the building. In that case, your structure may require more extensive repairs.

Get in touch with us today if you notice peeling wallpaper, drips, water stains, or any other indicators of water coming into your building where it should not. And if we discover an issue, we can find the source of the leak and perform any necessary repairs.

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Commercial roof leaks are inconvenient and can cause more issues down the line if you do not address them quickly. Taking steps to prevent leaking will extend the life of your roof and keep your building safe and dry for longer. Contact the professional contractors at Silver Creek Roofing today, and we can schedule an inspection for your roof. Don’t let a leaky roof ruin your day!

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