EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) rubber roofing has been a commercial roofing product for over 40 years. In that time, building owners have found issues with this type of roofing material. It’s known to have age-related weakness, isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing roofing material, and will likely lead to water leaks in your building.

You can resolve some of these disadvantages with your existing EPDM roof by getting a rubber roof membrane coating installed by Silver Creek Commercial Roofing.

The Disadvantages of using EPDM Rubber Roofing

Despite what some roofing companies claim, EPDM rubber roofing isn’t the best choice in roofing materials. There are some distinct disadvantages to this type of roof, like age-related weakness, unattractiveness, and frequent leakage.

Age-Related Weakness

As EPDM commercial roofing ages, it gets weaker. It shrinks as it ages, making it more susceptible to punctures, and ultimately, water leaks. It will slowly pull away from seams, walls, and drains. Silver Creek Commercial Roofing recommends our special rubber membrane coating to bring your EPDM roof back to a leak-free condition by sealing seams and patches to create a continuous waterproof barrier.

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Won’t Win a Beauty Contest

Rubber roofing isn’t the prettiest commercial roofing material on the market. Some people describe it as looking like a stretched-out inner tube. The appearance alone of this product makes some building owners choose a different roofing material. Of course, most EPDM rubber membrane coating products will add a white, reflective appearance to your roof, so if looks are important to you, contact SCC Roofing to discuss adding a rubber membrane coating to your roof.

Seam Failure Leads to Leaks

Contractors who install EPDM roofs don’t require any certification, meaning those who install them aren’t properly trained in it. Even if your EPDM roofing supplier were trained, your roof will still leak, despite the contractor’s best efforts. The seams are simply glued together, and over time, the glue dries up and the seams come apart, leading to leaks in your building.

EPDM Roofs Require a Rubber Membrane Coating

Rubber membrane coating is a roof solution to your EPDM problems. SCC Roofing can install a rubber roof membrane coating on top of your EPDM rubber roof to help stop leaks by creating a continuous waterproof barrier. It can also help reduce energy bills because of its white reflective membrane. Our membrane coating system is also UV resistant, temperature flexible, and crack resistant. Plus, it’s backed by Conklin, so you get years of waterproof protection with an industry-leading warranty.

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If you are experiencing some of the age-related weakness or water-leaking from using EPDM as a commercial roofing product, contact Silver Creek Commercial Roofing for your free on-site inspection! Our rubber roof membrane coating will revitalize your EPDM roofing to provide waterproof benefits without the need to replace the whole roof. We can provide a leak-free roof for years to come.

Our skilled and experienced professionals will give you an honest assessment of your roof’s health and install our rubber roof membrane to protect it. We’ll clean the roof’s surface, seal seams and cracks, and apply a final coat to improve energy efficiency! Call us today at 270-604-4907 to get started!