Roof problems are incredibly frustrating, especially if they disrupt your business. Metal roofs are susceptible to damage over time from factors like exposure to harsh UV rays, precipitation, and snow. Leaks can sometimes occur with metal roofs, posing a unique issue that needs a unique solution. It is best to call the experts when ready for a metal roof restoration.

At Silver Creek Commercial Roofing, we are experts at restoring metal roofs to their functional and aesthetic best, whether you have a corrugated metal, aluminum, galvanized steel, or another metal roof. The good news is that metal roofs are highly durable and can withstand minor damage without needing a complete replacement. Because of their durable and long-lasting qualities, choosing to repair a metal roof is an environmentally friendly option for your business.

SCC Roofing specializes in metal roof restoration in Kentucky and Nashville, Tennessee. You can rest assured that our team members have the craftsmanship and experience to ensure every job exceeds your expectations. Contact us today to schedule a free on-site inspection of your roof so we can see how to help you.

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Signs of Needing a Roof Restoration

The first sign of a roof that needs restoring is minor rust damage. Creeping rust on an aged metal roof can cause it to become weak, contributing to other damages when it rains. Another sign that you need to restore your roof is small leaks in areas around the building.

SCC Roofing will conduct a roof inspection and use a specialized coating system to prevent further damage to your metal roof. There are several types of coating you can choose for your business. You may want to invest in a cool coating that uses UV rays to reflect light if the climate allows. This particular coating will allow your roof to last longer as well as save energy.

Metal Roof Restoration Process

Once SCC Roofing determines that restoration is the best option for your business, we prepare the roof’s surface by cleaning and priming it. Our primer neutralizes rust and allows our coating system to adhere properly. We also provide caulking and seam protection, ensuring no exposed areas where your metal roof could be damaged after the coating. The final step is applying our signature topcoat, which prevents leaks and increases energy efficiency in the summer by using a UV reflection.

Roof restoration for a few shingles is possible if you notice only one area with thin coating, faulty hardware, or leaks. Restoring problem areas right away is critical because ignoring an aged metal roof’s signs of wear can lead to a more expensive roof replacement. However, we may recommend a total replacement if a severe storm has loosened the rooftop, caused gaps, or leaks have resulted in electrical failure throughout the building.

Other indicators that a roof will need a complete replacement include weak spots and missing fasteners. SCC Roofing understands the importance of fixing minor issues with your metal roof before they result in significant damage, which is why we offer a risk-free on-site inspection before beginning the restoration process.

Why Choose SCC Roofing Restoration?

As a business owner, you may have selected a metal roof yourself, or you might have bought or leased a commercial property that already had one. So, how will you know when the roof needs to be restored or replaced? Restoration is a more affordable option that involves fixing sections of your roof instead of replacing the entire roof. Replacing a whole metal roof can range from $7-$12 per square foot and is unnecessary when our restoration services can fix many common issues in metal roofs.

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Silver Creek Commercial Roofing services is a trusted leader in commercial roof restorations and repairs. We also offer residential roofing services. Our variety of metal roof restoration services is perfect for anyone who wants to avoid replacing their roof. A metal roof restoration will save your business thousands of dollars and will increase the longevity of your roof for decades. Schedule a free on-site inspection today!