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Dealing With a Roofing Issue Alone? Contact Us at Silver Creek Roofing

When you own or manage a building, roof upkeep may slip to the wayside until something goes wrong. Unfortunately, this way of thinking is not uncommon whether you are a homeowner or a commercial building owner. Scheduling regular maintenance and checking in on your roof consistently, however, can save you money and help prevent disasters from happening.

At Silver Creek Roofing, we have years of experience helping homeowners and commercial building owners with all their roofing needs. We can perform routine maintenance or repair your roof after a particularly rough, windy day rips off some of your shingles. And if your commercial building needs a roof installation or a polyurethane spray foam coating over an existing roofing system, we can handle that too. Get in touch with us today for a free on-site roofing inspection and quote.

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1375 Liberty Church Road
Auburn, KY 42206


What Services Does Silver Creek Roofing Offer?

As a homeowner or commercial building owner looking to upgrade their roofing system or have repairs done, you can trust Silver Creek Roofing to get the job done right. Our team of roofing contractors is trained across roofing types, with the know-how to determine what your unique roofing problems are and how we will correct them. Plus, we are an experienced Conklin distributor and installer, so you know you are getting the best quality roofing materials on the market. We offer roofing services for:

Why Choose Silver Creek Roofing?

Every roof has different needs, so working with roofing contractors who have experience and certifications in various types of roofing is essential. When you choose to work with Silver Creek Roofing, you partner with outstanding roofing contractors who have serviced homes and commercial buildings throughout Kentucky, Tennessee, Eastern New York, Western Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio, and Northern West Virginia. Our 40+ years of experience have prepared us for all kinds of roofing issues, so you are in good hands from day one.

Seth Keehn, a certified roofing contractor and our owner, is in touch with the foreman for every job, so you maintain a single point of contact throughout your project. This personalized service is unlike anything you will get from a larger, nationwide roofing company.

What Our Customers Are Saying

If you want to work with a roofing contractor that will get your roof job done right, you want to choose Silver Creek Roofing. But you don’t have to take our word for it; look at what our previous customers have said about our work!

“From day 1 upon inspection, learning we did not need to spend 100k for a new roof, to the finished project with an amazing warranty; Seth and the Silver Creek Commercial Roofing team have went above and beyond what we expected. I highly recommend Silver Creek Commercial Roofing.” –Randy C., via Facebook

“Silver Creek Commercial Roofing is the best of the best. They provide their customers with a leak-free roof EVERY TIME! Their crew’s dedication to detail, timeless to complete projects, ability to stay on budget, and outstanding service is unparalleled.” –Karen F., via Facebook

Are you ready to talk to Silver Creek Roofing about your roofing needs? Please fill out our contact form or give us a call today. We will work hard to provide you with a roof that protects your possessions, adds to the lifespan of your home, and exceeds any of your expectations.

1375 Liberty Church Road
Auburn, KY 42206

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