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Roofing Membrane to Waterproof Your Commercial Roof

A roof coating membrane can extend the life of your commercial by 25 years while eliminating leaks on almost any type of roofing material. At the same time, it can help reduce heating and cooling costs by up to 84%. Equally important, it presents an affordable repair solution that will save you the expense of tearing off your existing roof and replacing it.

Membrane roof coatings are elastomeric so they can contract and expand based on weather conditions to eliminate the toll associated with the freeze/thaw cycle. They provide a protective barrier for single ply membrane flat roofing like TPO, PVC, EPDM, CSPE, CPA, and modified bitumen roofs. As such, they become the top layer of your commercial roofing system and reflect infrared and ultraviolet light, repel rain, hail and overall damage. Roof membrane coatings are seamless when installed.

Commercial Roofing Protection You Can Count On

Rubber membrane roof coatings are easy to apply and can be applied directly into the seams where skylights, piping, and other equipment meet the roof surface. They provide a tailored solution and can even be used to slope your roof to avoid ponding. Key benefits include:


Roof coating membranes provide a tight seal around any exposed seams, patches or protrusions. That creates a solid, smooth surface that acts as a waterproof barrier to stop leaks and prevent further damage.


Dealing with hot Kentucky and Tennessee summers, you can reduce your heating and cooling costs by up to 84%. The white, reflective membrane roof coating will stay up to 80 degrees cooler in the summer.  That means less strain on your air conditioning units and heat buildup in your building.


The elastomeric membrane coating delivers high elasticity, reliable adhesion, UV resistance, temperature flexibility, and crack resistance. So you’ll get a tough surface that will stand up to foot traffic, rain, hail and even wind.

Affordable, Easy to Install

Because roof coating membranes are relatively easy to install, they provide cost savings. You can expect to pay $2.00 to $3.50 a square foot for materials and application. Where application is concerned, surface preparation is the key … we spend a majority of our time preparing your commercial roof for the spray application. Our process then includes:


It’s important to thoroughly cleanse your roof. Doing so opens up the pores to provide a strong, adhesive surface that will allow the roof coating membrane to penetrate and seal.


Seams are always the weakest point on any membrane roof. We use five-inch Spunflex fabric embedded in a base coat to strengthen and waterproof seams.


The elastomeric roof coating can be applied with a roller or brush for smaller roof surfaces or by spraying on larger roof surfaces. Either way, you ensured of a watertight roof with reflective properties and a Class “A” fire protection rating.

Protection That Lasts

Applying a roof coating membrane will add years to the life of your commercial roof. Plus, they’re renewable so as the coating wears away, another coating can be applied to extend your roof’s life even farther. As with any roof, it pays to have it inspected bi-annually and, particularly, after a major storm or high wind. Inspections will help identify any potential issues that could be fixed with spot coatings or other roof repairs to avoid major roof problems that could lead to replacement.

If your commercial roof is showing signs of discoloration, wear and tear, or leaks, give us a call. Our roof inspection is free of charge, and we’ll give you a free estimate for application of a roof coating membrane. It could be a small investment that keeps your roof protected and worry-free for years to come. Call us today.

Think our membrane coating system sounds perfect for your commercial roof? We’ll help you decide.

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