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Metal Roof Restoration

Many businesses implement a metal roof because they require virtually no maintenance. They also come in a variety of designs and provide a fire resistant and energy efficient alternative. However, as these roofs age, exposure to the sun and extreme weather conditions can take a toll, causing this material to become rusted and dented. If you are seeking a professional team to ensure your metal roofing is performing optimally, trust Silver Creek Commercial Roofing!

As a certified Conklin distributor, our team is proud to offer our customers high-quality metal roof coating options. These products have received great feedback from our customers and throughout the industry. Conklin’s MR System™ produces a seamless coating through its elastomeric material and fabric reinforcement. Benefits include additional insulation and protection, enhanced efficiency, and prolonged lifespan.

Conklin provides four different products which will ensure an exceptional level of protection for your roof: 1) Benchmark is our premier coating because of its durability and superior performance, 2) Rapid Roof III is the most popular Conklin metal roof coating, 3) Puma XL offers our most extensive warranty, and 4) Rapid Roof HV is an affordable alternative that provides a solid coating without code approvals and fire ratings.

The waterproof coating we use in our metal roof restoration process prevents dents — which are prevalent in metal roofs — from becoming expensive and time-consuming leaks. The material also reflects up to 80% of UV rays which can lower the roof’s temperature up to 30%. Given the significant reduction in the building’s internal temperature, the HVAC systems experience less strain, extending their lifespans. Driving down this use will create a more energy-friendly environment and produce more affordable and predictable energy bills. This coating creates such an efficient environment, in fact, that it was awarded an ENERGY STAR rating from the US government.

To ensure your metal roof is achieving the most energy efficient, durable, and long-lasting performance, trust the Silver Creek Commercial Roofing team. We strive to keep our customers involved and informed with every step of our process so you will know how much work goes into creating the perfect roof for your business! Contact us today to get started on your customized solution!