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Single Ply Roofing: Easy Installation, Great Pricing

With its relative ease of installation and value, single ply roofing has become increasingly popular over the last 30 years in great measure owing to its ability to reduce energy costs. This type of membrane roofing consists of four components … insulation, a single-ply membrane, flashings and adhesive. It can be glued, fastened or installed directly over roof insulation material by simply overlapping layers. Single ply roofing is particularly good for existing flat or low-slope roofs. Plus a single-ply membrane can be installed any time of year.

Why Install Single Ply?

Single ply roof membranes have several inherent benefits making them a good choice for commercial roofing.

clean commercial roof


Single-ply roofs are backed by a 100% waterproof guarantee. So you can depend on their performance even with dramatic weather changes.

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Their Flexion membrane reflects 83% of UV rays to reduce wear and tear while providing significant energy savings. The surface temperature of a white single ply roof rises only four degrees on a sunny 85-degree day versus a dark roof that rises 42 degrees.

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Our single ply roofing membrane is UL fire rated and performs well in any climate. It’s also highly resistant to acid rain conditions and chemicals and has first-class wind resistance.

Get a Commercial System That Holds Up

With proper maintenance, a single-ply roof can last up to 50 years. EPDM, a synthetic rubber, will last 25-30 years or more. PVC membrane roofing delivers the best energy efficiency while lasting more than 20 years. TPO features great seam strength but lacks the flexibility of PVC. It will hold up well for 15-20 years.

Just how long your single-ply roof lasts will depend on many factors. Notably:

  • Climate
  • Installation
  • System type
  • Roof penetration
  • Proper maintenance

Ponding, in particular, should be avoided to avoid having water seep under the roof surface. Bi-annual checkups for loose seams and flashing, as well as overall inspections after extreme weather,  will help ensure the longevity of your commercial roof.

Single Ply Roofing Installation

Installation techniques will vary somewhat based on each building’s unique characteristics. Fundamentally, we use a four-step process:

wet roof


We thoroughly clean your roof’s surface to remove any dirt and debris. Board stock is then applied to create a smooth, strong surface for the roof membrane.

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We install the membrane in precise, overlapping areas that face the direction of the water run-off. This approach prevents standing water from pooling on your roof to avoid seepage.

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Seams are welded using a robotic welder to create a tight seal for waterproof protection.

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We seal every edge, nook, and cranny of your commercial roof with a weatherproofing, urethane sealant to seal edge and roof joints.

Get a Free On-site Roof Inspection & Quote

Single ply roofing delivers a host of benefits. It provides great insulation. It’s non-flammable. It’s lightweight and requires little maintenance. It’s highly energy-efficient. And it’s affordable and reasonably easy to install.

So why not consider a single-ply solution for your commercial building? We’ll stop by to check out your facility and then give you a quote. All at no cost. Call us today or fill out our contact us form to get the ball rolling.

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