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What Is Polyurethane Foam Spray Commercial Roofing?

Polyurethane foam spray is a great solution for flat and low-slope commercial roofing, though its use is not limited to these style roofs. This roofing system has been around for nearly 60 years and is often referred to as self-flashing because the foam conforms and then adheres to any variety of shapes. Once it expand and dries, it creates a seamless solution that provides a barrier for your roof. Because it can be applied at varying thicknesses, it can create a positive slope to improve and allow for drainage. That’s why it’s often used for flat or low-slope roofs that are subject to pooling water owing to their lack of a positive slope.

Spray polyurethane foam is applied as a liquid. It creates a foam that expands 20 times in size to create a solid foam surface that’s an inch to maybe an inch-and-a-half thick. After its application, a coating of elastomeric silicone or acrylic coating with granules is applied to protect the foam base and your commercial roof from UV light, weather, normal wear and tear. It also provides appropriate fire ratings for your roof.

Advantages of Polyurethane Spray Foam

Often referred to as SPF, spray polyurethane foam provides exceptional durability, lasting more than 50 years. It delivers a seamless, moisture-resistant foam covering that’s renewable. A major upside is that if an SPF roof requires repair down the road, it can often be foamed over again to eliminate any roofing issues so it greatly simplifies repairs and the time required versus other commercial roofing products.

Polyurethane foam spray roofing systems have numerous other advantages:


Because it conform to seams, curves, vents, skylights, and other roof components, an SPF system is fully leak proof backed by a warranty covering the product and installation. It also remove the need for counter flashing.


SPF coatings reflect sunlight to keep your commercial roof cooler in summer, while its thickness and insulating qualities reduce heating costs in winter. Its insulating properties make it one of the best performers versus other roofing materials.


Polyurethane spray foam roofing system greatly reduce the need for fasteners, battens, ballast and other items so they provide excellent protection against damaging winds.

SPF System Installation

Spray polyurethane foam systems create little disruption to your business during installation. Surface preparation is important because the product penetrates every inch of your foam. Our four-step process includes the following.


We give your commercial roof a thorough cleaning to remove any loose debris and dirt to prepare the surface for a coating.


We apply the first layer of polyurethane spray foam to roughly one-inch thick to cover your entire roof and create an insulation layer.


We add a coat of Benchmark acrylic latex for added protection.


A final layer of Puma XL is applied to create a multi-layer, closed-cell system to deliver a rigid, waterproof barrier that lasts for years.

Get a Professional Installer You Can Trust

Application of a polyurethane spray foam system requires precision, technical knowledge, and experience. If applied incorrectly, it can reduce the roof’s lifespan and damage the substrate. For starters, it can only be applied under favorable conditions… no ice, frost, moisture or dampness on the roof surface.

Overspray potential can be a problem. If there are heavy winds, you run the risk of having the product blown onto other surfaces including surrounding properties. Plus, if your roof is ever damaged, repairs need to be done with silicone to ensure proper adherence.

Our crew of commercial roofing technicians have been certified and trained in the proper installation of spray polyurethane foam roofing systems. You can trust that your installation or repairs will be done by professionals who know how to get the job done right. They’re also available to conduct bi-annual inspections to make sure your roof is properly maintained moving forward.

Thanks to their energy and maintenance savings, not to mention potential energy efficiency tax credits, polyurethane foam spray roofing systems are becoming increasingly popular as a commercial roofing option. If you’d like to find out if an SPF roofing system is right for you, give us a call or complete our contact us form. We’ll stop by, inspect your roof and give you a free estimate.

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