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Commercial Roofing Company for Metal Roofs, EPDM, Rubber Roofs and More

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Don't Replace Your Roof... Let Us Restore It

Replacing your commercial roofing is time-consuming and expensive. And in many cases, it’s unnecessary because there are quality roofing restoration products available for your commercial roof maintenance. That’s where we come in. We specialize in repairing and revitalizing aging roofs to extend their life and save you from costly roof replacement.

We’ll visit your location and carefully inspect your roof to determine the best solution for your repair. We know where to look to pinpoint current leaks and target potential leaks. Depending on your current roofing material, roof style and condition we can use several systems to get the job done right … our metal roof repair system, polyurethane foam spray, roof coating membrane or single-ply membrane roofing.

Selecting The Right Commercial Roofing System

Not sure what roofing system is best for your commercial roof maintenance? Don’t worry. We’ll get you the right product at the right price to add years to your roof.

Metal Roof Repair

If your metal roof is beginning to show its age, our metal roof repair system delivers superior protection to seal leaks and extend its life. Learn more about this roofing solution.

Polyurethane Foam Spray

Got a flat roof or low-sloped roof? Then our polyurethane foam spray will provide a combination solution that will improve your roof’s structure, prevent leaks, and provide major energy savings. Learn more about SPF coatings.

Single-Ply Membrane Roof

When a roof coating just isn’t enough, our single-ply membrane roof system offers the waterproof protection you expect with a Class A fire rating to boot. Learn more about single-ply membranes.

Roof Coating Membrane

When your PVC, EPDM or other single-ply roofing system is showing signs of wear and tear, our roof coating membrane will give you leak-free protection. Read more about roof coating membranes.

Expect The Best From Conklin

Conklin Roofing Systems has been providing commercial roofing solutions to the industry since 1977. Their products have been tested under real-world conditions throughout the U.S. and have consistently outperformed their projected life expectancy. Because of that reputation, we’ve partnered with them as a Conklin distributor so we can bring their quality product to you.

Experienced and Certified Roofing Technicians

In the commercial roofing industry, experience counts. We’ve been helping companies like yours for the last 15 years. All of our technicians are Warranty Certified and have been trained in the installation of Conklin’s innovative and dependable roofing systems. You can trust them to deliver superior workmanship with attention to detail on every job they touch.

A Commercial Roofing Contractor You Can Trust

Don’t let your leaky, aging roof keep you up at night. We’re nearby and serve the Nashville and Knoxville areas. We’ll visit your site, inspect your commercial roof at no charge, and give you a free quote. And we’ll get the job done right so your roof will be worry-free a long time. Which of our roof coating systems or restorations is right for you? Call us today or complete our contact us form!


Here’s What Our Clients Have to Say

We highly recommend Silver Creek Commercial Roofing. They are professional, reliable and did a fantastic job! Not only does the roof look GREAT. It functions properly and major problem areas that would leak every time it rained no longer leak. Thank you!

Ashleigh Smith
"Area Tools"

Our old rubber roof was black, hot, and leaky along several seams. After Silver Creek Commercial Roofing professionally resealed the roof (making it white in the process, keeping the temperatures much cooler), we've had zero problems with leaks-- and that's with all the heavy rain we've had this year! The entire process only took 2 1/2 days, keeping disruption to a minimum. The team at Silver Creek Commercial Roofing is professional, courteous, and expedient. Would highly recommend!

Steve M

1375 Liberty Church Road
Auburn, KY 42206

Serving All of Kentucky and the Nashville Surrounding Area

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Trust Silver Creek Commercial Roofing to professionally install, maintain, and repair your roof. With SCC Roofing, you can rest assured that our team members have the craftmanship and experience to ensure every job exceeds your expectations and is completed on time. Contact us today to learn how our team can help!